22 August 2011

Day 234

Today is the big day….the first day of school (even though it’s only a half day)!!  My kids were up and dressed early.  This year, LilCrockett (now in 1st grade) is riding the bus without his sister as GothGirl is in 5th grade and a new Middle School-er (who ride the bus with the High School-ers).  GothGirl has lockers for the first time this year and she a lot of time over the summer practicing with her combination lock.  Though she was SUPER excited to go to the Middle School, she was a little nervous too.  This is partly because she doesn’t know what to expect and partly due to the crazy schedule (alternating A- and B-schedule days with different classes on each day).  I told her she was going to be just fine though.

Here are some photos of our morning.



I debated a bit on whether to let LilCrockett keep his mohawk for school, but he loves it and it’s only hair. 


Just before the buses came, the neighbors arrived (they catch the bus at our house) so it was time for a group shot. 


Now for the bus shots!  The girls’ bus arrived first.  I love that they are staggered in this shot so that I can see all 3 of them.



About 5 minutes later, as LilCrockett was getting antsier and antsier, Bus 23 came.



After waiting with them for the bus, I finished getting ready myself and then drove to LilCrockett’s school to meet his teacher and drop off his extra supplies.  I asked him if he just wanted to ride to school with me, but he was excited to ride the bus again after having a summer break.  His bus arrived at the school almost at the same time that I did and we were able to go to his classroom together.  Photos taken with my iPhone.

Here he is in front of the school


Posing with friends in his new classroom.  I had already left the school when I realized I forgot to get a photo of him and his teacher.  Fortunately there is an open house night coming up soon so I’ve gotta remember to get one then.



I had my friend Lisa take this one of LilCrockett and I at his desk before I left to head for work. 


Upon picking up the kids from after care later that day, LilCrockett comes running up to me and says, “Mom, I had the BEST DAY EVER!  We didn’t have to read or anything.  We just played games and stuff!”.  It was really cute.  Here I was thinking at first that he was just loving school, but then my pride was quickly dashed when I figured out that he was just glad they didn’t have to do any schoolwork!  LilCrockett did go on to say that he loved his new teacher and classroom.  GothGirl had a great first day too.  She LOVES Middle School and enjoyed seeing her friends.  She’s looking forward to visiting all of her classes for the first time in the next 2 days.  Ah, to be young again!  I always loved the first day of school too!

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