30 June 2011

Day 180

It’s been a rough week for me.  I managed to stay at work all day everyday this week, but would come home completely exhausted at night.  The fatigue and shortness of breath with activity has really worn me down.  So, today I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor.  Until now, I had been seeing his partner since my regular doctor was not available when I first when in for these issues.  Basically, my doctor feels that allergies and/or a sinus infection early on triggered a bit of reactive airway issues with my lungs causing the symptoms I’ve been having.  He told me he could give me some prednisone to help it get better and that if I wanted to get aggressive, I could get a steroid shot.  I opted for the shot since I’ve been suffering with this for nearly a month.  Hopefully I will be better in the next day or so. 

After my appointment and work today, I came home exhausted once again.  LilCrockett had his last baseball game of the season, followed by a gathering of the team and their families at the local Buffalo Wild Wings.  I really wanted to go, but was just too worn out.  I spent most of the night on the couch just relaxing.  As a result, I only got one photo. 


This is my new radio for my Highlander.  The radio stations around here are mediocre-at-best and it seems like I am constantly changing stations to find a good song, often without success.  And when we travel, it can be even harder to find a decent station.  So, I decided to get an iPod radio for my car.  This one, which has a direct USB port so you can use your regular iPod cord, was around $120, plus I had to buy a wiring kit and dash kit.  Crockett & his friend installed it.  I am so happy to have some good tunes when I drive now.  Even if you have to pay for installation, a new radio will run roughly $200.  Well worth the small investment.  Care to hear a little Seether by Veruca Salt?!!   

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