22 June 2011

Day 172

Today I had the privilege of taking maternity photos for not one, but two of my dear friends.  These ladies are not only friends; but they are also my coworkers and they are due within a week of each other.  The extended grounds of our office offer some amazing photo backgrounds, so we walked out to get some shots. 

This was my first time shooting photos with my new camera and they turned out fairly well.  I am pretty critical of my work though and I can tell that my focus wasn’t spot on for several of the photos.  During this shoot, I could barely even figure out where the various settings were, so it was quite the challenge.  This was a test shoot anyway, so I’m pretty pleased.  I had never really set up a portrait shoot before, especially maternity shots, and I wasn’t sure how the poses and such would work out.  Having a double maternity shoot made it even more challenging, but also a lot of fun.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from today (I will be editing the first photo so that the sign on the right side is removed from the photo):


z120   z161








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