26 June 2011

Day 176

Just a lazy morning today as I knew I had to spend the afternoon taking LilCrockett to a swim party in a neighboring town.  It’s about a 20-25 minute drive to the pool so it’s hardly worth coming home when the party is only 2 hours in length.  I decided to take my computer and edit the photos from a maternity session that I did earlier in the week.  Being present there also allowed me to take some photos.  It was fairly dark in the pool area and I didn’t have my external flash, so I made do with what I had.  I have to say that my new 7D does so much better under low light than my Rebel, though I still need to practice with the settings.  I’m not used to having an ISO that can go to 6400 (my Rebel only went to 1600).  Here are a few shots from the afternoon.

LilCrockett doing a front flip off the diving board.  He is such a daredevil like his dad!


LilCrockett & the birthday boy…


I was able to photograph a bumblebee with my new camera this afternoon and the results are SO much better.  So glad to have crisp photos once again (well, except when I don’t get the focus set quite right!). 


And who can end a post these days without a pic of our little kitten, Felix.  LilCrockett wanted to name him Captain, but the rest of us wanted Felix.  So his official name is Captain Felix, but we just drop the first part and call him Felix for short so that everyone is happy.  This photo was snapped by Crockett.


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