04 June 2011

Day 155

My mom had driven up yesterday so that she could watch LilCrockett play baseball for the first time.  His game was scheduled for 10:30am and it was already super hot by the time we got there.  Unfortunately there is no shade behind the diamond and no dugout either (just a bench sitting out in the sun for the kids).  Mom, GothGirl, and I brought umbrellas so that we could have a little shade.  It still felt like we were basting.  I can only imagine how the players felt.  Guess it’s time to invest in a canopy. 

LilCrockett at bat.  He ended up missing all 3 of the balls pitched by the coach in this first inning, but hit the ball off the tee on the first try.  It was a great hit too.



Team hand slaps after the game. 


And afterwards, the coach leads the team cheers and chorus of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.  It’s very neat to watch.  We are lucky to have such a great coach (and assistant coaches!).


When the game was over, mom and I took the kids to eat at Head West sub shop (Brian was out of town working on our rental house).  We were all starving and itching to get out of the heat.  Though I had eaten there before, no one else had so I was happy to find out that they loved the sandwiches just as much as me. 

Upon arriving home, the kids wanted to go directly over to the neighbors’ house to swim.  Their dogs, who are brother and sister, were out and I used them as models.





Later in the afternoon, we brought out our custom slip-and-slide.  It’s actually a slick canvas, old billboard sign cut in half.  It’s longer, wider, and much more durable than anything you can buy.  Add a little water & dish soap and you’ve got yourself a sliding extravaganza, big enough for 2-3 kids to slide side-by-side.  By the time we put it away, we had 8 kids sliding on it (our kids and various neighbor kids).


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