11 June 2011

Day 162

The neighbors and some other friends are camping at a local campground this weekend, so we went to visit them for the day.  It’s nice because the kids get a taste of camping without all the work that’s associated with it (packing, set-up, take-down, etc.).  We spend a lot of time sitting around the campsite visiting and eating (seems like we snack the whole time), but there were some other activities as well.

Hanging out…note how our neighbor Ambo is dressed in long sleeves and pants despite it being a nice warm day.  She and her sister hate cicadas and can’t stand them landing on her bare skin, so they cover up.  Unfortunately the cicadas were thick in the trees at this campground  and we spent quite a bit of time dodging them.  Our friend’s dog would root through the grass so she could eat them.  Yuck!



We brought LilCrockett’s ball and glove so that he could practice catching.  After some time spent playing ball with Crockett, he was doing really well….catching nearly every ball.  I think maybe he’s getting the hang of it.  Here he is throwing the ball back to his dad. 


We brought our slip-and-slide to the campground as well and the kids had a blast.  We found a portion of the commons area with a little hill and it made the slide that much more fun.



At one point, a clover stuck to the side of LilCrockett’s face.  He played for quite a bit longer and it stayed put, so I had to get a picture.


The kids were having so much fun that a few of the adults had to get in on the action.  Here’s our neighbor Joe trying to slide down while standing as my kids cheered him on.  He made it too!


Joe with his daughter Lupa after they did a run down the slide together.


Thought Crockett had tried the slip-and-slide earlier in the day, my neighbor Mary guilted him into going again while Joe was trying it.  He tried the upright slide too and made it almost as far as Joe.


And probably one of my favorite pictures of the day…our neighbors Ambo and Lupa.  Look at that sisterly love!


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