24 June 2011

Day 174

I decided to take today off from work so I could get some extra rest.  The day started out restful when I snapped this American Goldfinch outside my window on the coneflowers.  Though he’s a bit hidden by the flowers (I couldn’t move to a better angle for fear of scaring him off), the summer plummage of the male is gorgeous.  The female was nearby as well but she was more skittish and flew off before I could get the shot. 


After that, the day got more hectic and was not at all restful.  My doctor had asked me to come in to his office for bloodwork since I wasn’t getting better.  Turns out the test was to check for the possibility of a blood clot in my lungs.  I figured it was a bit far-fetched, but went through with it anyway.  They sent me home and I thought that would be the end of it.  However, about an hour later the nurse called and said that my bloodwork was elevated and that they were sending me for an emergency CT scan.  She went on to say that they were going to make me stay there until the test results were finalized and that they had to get approval from my insurance, but that I should get over there right away anyway.

My heart started pounding immediately.  I called Crockett at work and asked him to come home so he could take me for the test.  At this point, I’m trying not to panic but not having much success.  While in my head I knew that it could turn out to be nothing, I couldn’t help but think the worst.  And the panic was making me feel like I was having a mini heart attack.  All I could think was “settle down or you’re going to make yourself have a blood clot”.  After several needle sticks to start the IV, getting the actual test done, and being released several hours later after finding out that there were no blood clots; I was emotionally spent and decided that we needed a diversion.

Prior to all the drama of the day, I had planned to take GothGirl out to preview some kittens at the local animal shelter that afternoon.  So I asked Crockett to join us.  We narrowed it down to 3 kittens that we liked and then went for a short drive before making our final decision.  In the end, we picked a male Siamese/tabby mix who was the perfect combination of spunk and snuggle.  Felix seems to be the main name in the running so far.  It’s a play on the genus name for cats….Felis

WARNING: cuteness overload ahead!







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