16 June 2011

Day 166

I finally broke down and went to the doctor today.  I’d been feeling very worn down and was having some symptoms like tightness in my chest and being out of breath with even light activity.  I figured it was just a virus, but thought I’d better get it checked out anyway.  I figured they’d tell me to just go home and give it more time.  Well I was wrong.  The doctor heard about my symptoms and decided to do a chest x-ray and an EKG just to make sure there wasn’t something more serious going on.  Again, I figured it was just a waste of time and tests.  Fortunately the EKG was fine so my heart was OK; however, the chest x-ray showed some mild pneumonia, particularly in my lower, right lung.  I was a little shocked.  On one hand I was glad that there really was something wrong (that I’m not really a hypochondriac); but on the other hand, I did not want to get this kind of diagnosis.  Seems a little odd to have pneumonia at my age, especially when it’s summer.  Anyway, he prescribed 2 antibiotics, told me to get some rest and come back in 2 weeks, and sent me home.  I must say that having an actual diagnosis is probably a good thing because I’ve taken my recovery a little more serious…it will force me to get lots of rest and take care of my body rather than just trying to will my body to be better.

Here are some more flowers from my yard.  This one I do know.  It’s a Clematis that I got as a start from my late grandfather’s plant.  Besides the fact that the flowers are beautiful, I love that it’s a living reminder of him.  My grandpa told me that Clematis plants can take several years to really take off, and this one was no different.  In fact, it actually had a rougher start than normal.  We originally planted it out by our shed and unfortunately, the neighbor’s lawn service mowed it down several times thinking it was a weed.  We moved it to a safer location and finally a few years later, we have this big beauty.  I know grandpa would love it too.



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