05 June 2011

Day 156

We woke up to rain, and to be honest I was relieved.  I needed a day to catch up on inside jobs like organizing the pantry, sorting paperwork, and rearranging several closets.  The kids had some down time as well and they spent some time watching TV.  At one point, I caught them sitting in/on the same chair…..without fighting.  This is a rarity! 


The rain stopped mid-morning and I continued to clean for awhile before going over to the neighbors’ house for fresh-fried fish and fries.  Crockett caught a beautiful butterfly this afternoon and put it in our bug cage to show the kids.  Before he took it out to let it go, I snapped a photo of the butterfly in the cage.  Good thing I did because when Brian got it out of the cage, the butterfly flew away as Crockett was holding it by its legs.  Poor thing left his legs behind!  We are all a little shocked.  So though I wanted to get a photo of the butterfly outside the cage, it didn’t happen.  What a beauty!


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