12 June 2011

Day 163

My front flower bed is in desperate need of some work and since the afternoon temps were great, I decided that there likely wouldn’t be a better time to get started.  Besides wanting to replace the mulch with rock, I find this bed to be overgrown and filled with weeds and unwanted plants.  It’s getting to be somewhat wild-looking.  We dug up a lot of the bulbs from plants that had already flowered this season, took out some persistent prairie grass, and removed a lot of weeds.  There were quite a few flowers still blooming, so we left those for now.  Eventually, everything will get taken out and I will redo the entire bed.

I was hard at work removing some weeks and prairie grass, when I looked up and saw a bumble bee about a foot away nectaring on some flower heads.  I was a bit startled, but found it pretty cool that he was so unconcerned about me.  Slowly I backed away and ran in to get my camera.  Over the next few minutes, I took tons of pictures of him getting closer and closer.  He was so busy feeding that he didn’t even seem to notice me.  Here are a few of my favorite shots.  Wishing I had a macro lens now though!



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