20 June 2011

Day 170

It was my first day back at work today since my pneumonia diagnosis.  I made it until about 2:00pm and then had to head home for a nap.  Seems that I hit a wall mid-afternoon and I can barely function from exhaustion.  I have been listening to my body and trying to give it the rest it needs. 

After my nap, Crockett and the kids got home and the boys went to LilCrockett’s baseball game while I dropped off Mia and a friend at guitar lessons and then did some shopping at Babies R Us.  Our office is throwing a surprise baby shower for my friend Ann on Wednesday and I was responsible for collecting money and buying the gifts.  When I got home, I had to wrap the presents.  By this time, I was tired so I spent the rest of the night relaxing with my computer and a book.  I’m reading The Hunger Games trilogy and I can’t seem to put them down…they are a fantastic read!  

Since I didn’t take any photos today, I thought I’d share a photo of the gifts I made for my friend’s daughters and the baby.  My friend Emily found the cutest big sister shirts online HERE for her girls.  Though I loved them, I didn’t want to spend quite that much money, especially since I had three shirts to buy and I still wanted to chip in on the group gifts.  So, I decided to try to make my own big sister shirts.  I used Stampin’ Up!’s My Digital Studio software and created a design that was similar to the one online.  Here’s the digital image I came up with:cropemily

Next, I printed the design on t-shirt transfer paper (follow the directions that they give you), cut directly around the circular image, and ironed it on a new t-shirt.  I made similar designs for the middle sister & the baby.  The middle sister’s shirt reads “big sister” and the onesie reads “baby”.  I used the name Junior on the onesie because that’s what they’ve been calling the baby so far since they do not know the gender and don’t have names picked out.  Here are the finished products:


And the baby’s onesie by itself….


The shirts turned out way better than I had imagined.  I spent $16 on the shirts and $3 on transfer paper.  Quite a savings from the $50 plus shipping that I would have paid for the online version.  Thanks for the great inspiration, Emily!

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