28 June 2011

Day 178

I know this is getting a bit redundant, but we just love our new kitten.  And he’s so photogenic.  Here are some shots that I found on my camera.  Since the kids aren’t really allowed to use my 7D, I’m guessing that Crockett took these.  There’s quite a bit of glare as his hideaway playhouse is right in front of the big picture window in full sun.  Also, please pretend that my windows are clean and streak-free.  Much appreciated! 



This evening I had GothGirl sweep the floor near the litter box and when she did, Felix wanted to play.  So I used the video function on my camera for the first time.  The picture quality is a little low (grainy and dark) so I need investigate this feature a little more closely.  It’s still pretty cute.  Almost looks like he’s dancing with the broom at times.

Felix & the broom

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