23 June 2011

Day 173

The kids earned a special treat for their good grades during the school year.  LilCrockett had been wanting some Bey Blades, so we make a trek to the toy store last night.  He picked out 2 tops and a fighting stadium.  Not cheap, but we made him pay for part of the purchase.  GothGirl ended up getting a new game for her Nintendo DS….Style Savvy.  She paid for part of her game as well.  Both kids were really happy as it’s not often that they get to go to the store to pick out a new toy.  They usually end up getting most of their toys either at garage sales or during birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays. 

The Bey Blades has actually been fun for the whole family.  It’s pretty cool to see which top will win.  Crockett remembers a similar toy when he was young.  Here are a few shots of LilCrockett and SoccerGirl (our friend’s daughter) playing with them before summer care this morning. 



Please don’t be jealous of LilCrockett’s outfit (Iyou know you are!).  He likes to dress himself and most of the time, he doesn’t match.  It’s something I’ve decided not to fight him on unless we are going someplace nice or it’s a special occasion.

This evening, LilCrockett had a baseball game.  GothGirl and I had to work in the concession stand, but I managed to sneak out for a bit to take a few photos of LilCrockett at bat, getting a high-five from his coach for a great hit, & getting read to run the bases.




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