28 February 2011

Day 59

While my mom was in town this weekend, we surprised GothGirl with tickets for the Taylor Swift concert in August.  The three of us girls are going to have a fun girls night out with dinner and a concert. 



GothGirl opened up the envelope with the tickets and there was a pause as she tried to figure out what she was holding.  She’s never seen a concert ticket before so she had to read what it said.  When she finally figured it out, her eyes lit up, she let out a little squeal, and she had the biggest smile  Luckily I caught her expression with my camera.  While I was expecting to hear loud screaming and see her jump up and down, I should have known better.  Now that she is 10, she has become more reserved (trying to be cool!).  I know that she was very excited though.  But actually I think my mom and I are even more excited than GothGirl!  Too bad we have to wait 5 months to go!

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