27 February 2011

Day 58

Today we held a joint birthday party for GothGirl (whose birthday was January 7th) and LilCrockett (whose birthday was February 22nd).  I had originally planned to hold the party in between their birthdays, but Crockett had knee surgery and I wanted him to be able to participate comfortably.  We rented the high school pool in a neighboring town and it was fabulous.  Besides the neighbor girls, about 20 kids were able to make it.  I think all of the kids enjoyed playing in the water after a long winter.  We took beach balls & squirt guns for the kids to play with and the pool had a diving board as well.  All in all a fun 2 hours!  Best of all, I didn’t have to clean my house or figure out activities to entertain the kids!



The 2nd photo is not the best.  The cake table was in a dark corner of the room and I had to turn on my flash so that the picture would turn out.  As a result LilCrockett, who was closer to the camera & flash, looks really washed out. 

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