12 February 2011

Day 43


I’m well aware that GothGirl has been woefully absent from many of my daily posts, so today I wanted to make a concentrated effort to get some pics of my girl.  This entailed actually making her pose, versus just trying to get some candid shots.  She came out after getting ready for volleyball practice and I thought she looked so cute with her hair pulled back.  Thus, I figured it was a good time to take some photos.  The session started out pretty boring, with some half-smiles. 


I wanted to get some real smiles and all it took was 2 simple words…..dookey bits.  Taught to them by our friend in Maine, both of my kids crack up over this slang word for poop.  So here’s a real smile.










As soon as she stopped laughing, she was a little pseudo-mad that I got her to laugh.  So, here’s the little “I’m peeved at you smirk” that she gave me next; which just goes to show that with kids, you should keep clicking that shutter because it’s the shots you aren’t expecting that turn out to be your favorite!  This one really makes me smile because it’s so “her”.  I usually get this look when I tease her about liking Justin





103aThen, just for fun, I had her add a prop (her purse).  This is my favorite shot of the day because it captures her spirit so wonderfully.  Isn’t my girl a beauty?!!!      












Editing: cropping & adjustments in ACR, icing action, the pioneer woman boost action

  • f/2.8
  • 1/160 – 1/250 sec
  • 400 ISO
  • 38 – 40mm

And while I would be content to finish a post with only photos of GothGirl, today was LilCrockett’s first basketball game, so I need to share a few of those.  The photos are a little grainy and blurry due to the poor lighting and constant movement by the kids.  I definitely need to work on getting better at shooting gym shots.


Here’s a pic of LilCrockett  (#12) dribbling down the court to the basket.  He made quite a few shots today, but failed to get any of them in.  He was trying to hurry his 173ashots and as a result, his aim was pretty bad.  The 2nd shot is of him catching the ball on a rebound. 

The entire game was hysterical.  Watching kindergarten-age kids play a basketball game for the first time was a riot.  At the start, Seth’s coach told him to stand in a certain spot.  The opposing team got the ball and everyone moved down the court, except for Seth.  He was still standing in the same spot.  I think he thought he wasn’t supposed to move!  It was so funny.  But, the best part of the game came after half-time, when the teams switched baskets.  Seth got the ball and started running towards their old basket, which was now the other team’s basket.  Everyone was yelling at him to turn around.  He got about 3/4 of the way down before he figured it out.  Luckily, we got it on our Flip camcorder.  I think we should pull it out when he has his first girlfriend over years from now!

Editing: cropping & adjustments in ACR

  • f/2.8
  • 1/200 sec
  • 800 ISO
  • 28mm

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