16 February 2011

Day 47

I mentioned on here before that GothGirl was taking guitar lessons using a guitar borrowed from a friend.  Her first class session is over and we asked her if she wanted to continue on.  She immediately said yes.  So, we knew she would need her own guitar.  There were several styles at the shop in her size, but she fell in love with a beautiful turquoise one.  And she even agreed to pay for half of it.  Can’t wait to see her learn to really play this instrument so we can have some nice tunes around the house.  




Though I love the first shot because it shows her face and her bare feet (hello, Taylor Swift!), the last photo is one of my favorites too.  Check out the little peace sign nail tattoo on her thumb.  She’s all about the peace symbol these days, so I’m glad I captured it in a photo (even if it is upside-down due to her hand position).

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