13 February 2011

Day 44


Ah, the great Snow Melt of 2011 (which follows the Blizzard of 2011).  Today was so nice outside temp-wise.  After we got home from church, LilCrockett wanted to head outside immediately.  Who could blame him.  This winter has seemed so incredibly LONG.  Mia and I joined him after awhile so that we could build a snowman.  Crockett usually loves doing this with the kids, but the snow was very unstable (it was melting underneath) and not meant for someone who has just had knee surgery.  The great thing about the melting snow was that it packed so nicely (like slushie ice). 

When we were done, I snapped some pics of the kids.  It was incredibly bright outside, so LilCrockett has the dreaded squint even though I consciously had them build the snowman in the shade.  GothGirl had the right idea and wore her shades.   

The temp was so nice that I actually got too warm building the snowman despite only wearing a medium-weight coat.  By late afternoon, the temperature climbed to 50 degrees and it was fabulous, especially coming on the heels of last week’s minus Fahrenheit temps.  Spring is in the air and we are so ready!

Editing: slight exposure increase in ACR, the pioneer woman boost action

  • f/13
  • 1/80 sec
  • 100 ISO
  • 53mm


During the afternoon & early evening, I had the kids help me make cake pops. 

Editing: cropping, adjustments in ACR

  • f/2.8
  • 1/50 sec
  • 800 ISO
  • 28mm



The neighbor girls were over so they got to help as well

Editing: cropping, adjustments in ACR

  • f/2.8
  • 1/60 sec
  • 800 ISO
  • 30mm


And finally, the finished product.  See below for the recipe.  Note that my cake pops never come out looking that great.  I can never get the candy melts the right consistency or get the cake batter the right temp.  But, they are yummy nevertheless and the kids enjoy the mess!

Editing: adjustments in ACR

  • f/3.5
  • 1/100 sec
  • 800 ISO
  • 28mm

Cake Pops

  • 1 baked cake
  • 1 canister of icing
  • 2 bags of candy melts

Bake your cake as directed and let cool completely.  Crumble the cake up in a bowl and stir in 1 canister of icing.  Chill mixture in the fridge or freezer.  Roll cake/icing mixture into small balls.  Chill balls in fridge or freezer.  Melt candy melts according to package directions (I melt mine in the microwave).  Dip balls in the melted candy coating and set on waxed paper until the coating hardens.  Insert a sucker stick if desired before the candy hardens, if desired.

Experiment with different flavors.  My favorite is yellow/white cake mix, white icing, and vanilla candy melts.  For professional cake pop inspiration, visit Bakerella.  She puts mine to shame times 10!  I should really study her technique sometime.  

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