06 February 2011

Day 37




Today was Superbowl Sunday; but since the game wasn’t until evening, we tried to get some other things done beforehand.  I spent most of the day getting our tax documents ready and going through tons of old paperwork.  Meanwhile, the kids sat down to “address” their class Valentine cards, with GothGirl keeping an eye on LilCrockett.  I got some great photos of the kids.  In particular, I love the last close-up photo.  Not only does it show LilCrockett’s cute little hands, but his chicken-scratch hand-writing too. 

SOOC shots, no editing

  • f/5
  • 1/80 –1/100 sec
  • 800 ISO
  • 28mm


LilCrockett and Crockett all decked out in Packers jerseys.  One of our friends is a big Packers fan, so it’s only natural that my two have increased their love for the team as well.  LilCrockett’s face and pants are dirty from playing with a couple of friends.  Of course I realized this after I took the photo.  Ah well, boys will be boys!  We were pretty excited that the Packers won the SuperBowl.  Too bad LilCrockett was already asleep by then…..we’ll have to tell him first thing in the morning. 

Editing: increase exposure in ACR

  • f/6.3
  • 1/60 sec
  • 200 ISO     
  • 32mm

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