09 February 2011

Day 40

Unfortunately today’s post is injury-related. 

a013I picked up the kids from AfterCare last night and one of the student teachers came over to tell me that LilCrockett had fallen over a bench and hurt his lip.  He claims that someone pushed him down, but who knows.  He’s at an age where his stories are not always reliable.  Besides a scrape on his chin, a small section of his bottom lip was busted (it’s hard to see in the picture) and the little flap of skin that attaches his top lip and gums was mangled.  I’m not sure if it’s from him biting it or just hitting it on the bench.  Surprisingly, LilCrockett didn’t complain much about it except for when it came time to eat.  Likely because Brian told him, “chicks dig scars!”.  Here’s LilCrockett sporting a band-aid on his chin. 

Editing: cropping & adjustments in ACR, the pioneer woman boost action

  • f/2.8
  • 1/30 sec
  • 400 ISO
  • 28mm

a015Last October, Crockett injured his knee.  At first he thought it was just bruised or something; but when it failed to heal after a month or so, he knew it was time to see the doctor.  It turns out that he actually had torn cartilage and it wasn’t going to heal on its own. 

So today, he had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair it.  Amazingly, the outpatient procedure only took 15-20 minutes.  We were home within 2 hours of them taking him back to prep him for surgery.  It wasn’t all rosy though as he was very groggy from the anesthesia (still is a little even 7 hours later) and the pain has yet to really hit.  Plus, he has to begin putting weight on that leg starting tomorrow.  Hopefully his recovery will be quick and relatively pain-free.  In the meantime, I’ll be here helping him as much as I can.  Hate seeing my sweetie in pain. 

Editing: cropping & adjustments in ACR

  • f/2.8
  • 1/100 sec
  • 400 ISO
  • 28mm    

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