19 February 2011

Day 49

Sadly, I didn’t take any photos yesterday.  I woke up briefly at 5:30am feeling very cold and nauseous.  When I awoke for good a few hours later, I was no better and actually a headache had set in as well as body aches.  I was barely functional and had taken two 2-hour naps by 2:00pm.  Crockett came down with the bug at about noon, so we both spent the day slumped in our recliners fighting to feel better.  The body aches were the worst.  Crockett described it best: “even my toenails hurt”.  Needless to say with the way I was feeling, I didn’t even pick up my camera.

Fast forward to today.  We woke up feeling a little better, except I had a killer left-side headache.  Luckily it had subsided to a tolerable level in time for LilCrockett’s basketball game.  The shots I took today were worse than the ones last week due to the poor lighting in the gym.  I did get one shot of him running through the cheerleaders as they announced his name at the start of the game.  It was taken on straight automatic settings and then edited in Photoshop to make I even half-way decent.  


After the game, we went home to eat some lunch and relax.  Crockett & I were fairly exhausted by even this little activity (sitting to watch a game).  A few hours later, I took the kids up to our church with a friend and his kids so that the girls could practice their volleyball skills.  I had originally planned to just watch but ended up getting my second wind, so I hit the balls around a bit too.  It was more fun than I expected and because I was busy, I failed to get some good shots of the girls. 

I did manage to snap a cute pic of the boys playing (snapped on the other side of the shelf from them) and a cute pic of Mia getting ready for a little snack.  Both of these photos were edited with The Pioneer Woman’s Fresh & Colorful action.



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