15 February 2011

Day 46


Thought I’d share my Valentine’s present with you.  I’ve been wanting to get an iphone for quite awhile, but we were waiting for our contract with Verizon to expire in April so we could get the phone through AT&T.  But then our luck changed for the better.  Verizon announced that they were getting the iphone, which was great news because we wouldn’t have to leave our preferred carrier. 

I’ve only had this phone a few days, but I’m already loving it.  And so is GothGirl – she loves the game apps and has already installed quite a few.  I’m definitely going to have to reign her in with it.  It’s my phone after all, not hers!





I know that the Valentine roses are not going to last long, so I took a few more pictures of these beautiful flowers today so that I can remember them at their peak beauty. 

In the interest of time, I’m no longer going to be posting the EXIF data for each photo here on my blog.  I doubt that anyone is really paying attention to that anyway.  If you ever want to know the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and focal length for a particular photo…just leave a message in the comment for that post.

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