23 July 2011

Day 203

Today was another scorcher, so we decided to spend the day around mom’s house.  My brother brought his kids over mid-morning and the kids were so excited to see each other.  They swam until just after lunch and then we made them settle down with a movie in the basement for some wind-down time.  Here’s a shot of my mom and all of her grandkids.


LilCrocett and his cousin M recently lost teeth (LilCrockett lost two), so I got a shot of them together.  You can’t see the missing teeth that well on M, but it’s still a cute photo of them.  Love that cheesy smile on my little guy!


Later afternoon, my best friend from high school came over with her husband and son to swim and BBQ.  After dinner, the kids started an all-out noodle war along with a neighbor girl who had come over to play.  They were getting pretty crazy before long, so we had to nix the game; but not before I got a few photos. 


Needless to say, my kids were worn out by bedtime and they went right to sleep.  Love days like that!

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