12 July 2011

Day 192

Our kitten Felix has taken a liking to one of LilCrockett’s Batman boxing glove.  He attacks it and carries it around the house.  I was able to get a few photos though these were taken in Auto mode.



This next one is dark and blurry but it shows how he carries it around like it’s fresh kill or something.


And then there’s this one taken in Manual mode….how can you not love this cat with a sweet face like that?!!! 


You’ll note that he is sporting his new collar & tag.  We are hoping that he will remain an indoor cat so that he has a better chance of living a long life; however, should he manage to rush the door and escape, we wanted him to have ID so that he would hopefully be returned to us should he get lost.  Felix reminds us so much of Crockett & I’s first cat from our college days, Bogey, who was the best cat ever.  I think Felix is Bogey reincarnated or something.  Though they looked a bit different (Bogey was a silver tabby), their personalities are so similar. 

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