03 July 2011

Day 183

Because my family is out of town and I have all this free time, I wanted to make sure to work in a little scrapbooking.  I just learned that one of my new friends likes to scrapbook and so I invited her over to join me when I found out that her husband and son were going to be out of town for the day too.  She came over just before lunch and stayed until 6pm.  I ended up getting nearly 8 pages done so I was happy, especially since we did a lot of gabbing during those hours and took some short breaks for lunch/snack.  I had already rented another chick flick to watch tonight, so I didn’t anticipate taking any photos today.  But then, I looked across the living room and saw this.


How could I not get a picture, right?!!  And since Felix was over by the window, I noticed the gorgeous setting sun.  I grabbed my camera and went out to shoot some photos. 


By this time, I noticed the gorgeous light that the late-day sun was casting over everything…which led to even more photos.

Small parts of our neighbor’s wisteria tree….




A hairy, budding tomato plant…


Part of my Japanese maple…


And more of my coneflowers….


Not bad for an almost-no-pictures day!

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