21 July 2011

Day 201

We made the journey down to my mom’s house today.  Though we were supposed to be heading to southern Missouri for a long weekend of camping yesterday, the temps have been to hot to be anywhere other than indoors or in a pool.  Heat indices have reached up to 110 degrees in the area.  So we altered our plans and decided to spend the weekend with my mom at her place 2 hours south of us.  Her house offers more space to spread out than her camper, she has a pool, and my brother lives close so we could still have the chance to spend time with him and his kids. 

We arrived mid-afternoon and after unpacking, we decided to hit the pool since Mom was still at work.  GothGirl couldn’t be bothered with posing for me, so here are a few photos of LilCrockett instead.  Note that he is wearing a t-shirt as he thought he might need to wear his life jacket (which causes chaffing on bare skin).  He was happy to discover that he could actually touch the bottom of this pool.

These photos are SOCC (straight-out-of-camera).



Now a little close-up so you can see his two missing teeth.  Cute, huh?!!  Plus, look at that sweet bokah in the background of this shot.


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