15 July 2011

Day 195

More photos of our kitten, Felix….the world’s most affectionate cat!  He’s waiting on the bathroom counter for me while I get ready in the morning.



My kiddos sporting silly putty moustaches. 


Tonight’s dessert…grilled banana boats with chocolate and marshmellow.  I had these when I was a girl but had forgotten about them until reading a friend’s facebook post.  Sadly, they aren’t as good as I remember.  I think the banana gets too sweet when cooked (though ours were probably a little overcooked).  My kids felt the same way, but it was fun to try something different.


GothGirl has been braiding her wet hair at night so that her hair will be crimped in the morning.  Thankfully she does it all on her own as it takes a bit of time.



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