02 July 2011

Day 182

I had to run out to Kohl’s this morning to do a little shopping.  Though I’m not crazy about shopping on a Saturday (I’d rather go when it’s less crowded during the week), my 30% off coupon expired today and it was also the last day to earn Kohl’s cash.  And there were actually a few things that I really needed.  After shopping it was lunchtime, so I stopped in at Jimmy John’s.  It’s been several years since I’ve eaten here, which is sad because I really like it.  The inside of the restaurant was really cool and would have made for some great photos, but I only had my iphone camera and I thought they’d think I was crazy taking photos of their décor.  Maybe I’ll be braver next time and take some photos anyway.  Until then, you’ll have to settle for a shot of my meal (Turkey Tom sandwich, BBQ chips, & a soda) on my dining room table.  


After lunch, I finished reading a book and did a little relaxing before heading over to visit with the neighbors.  It was so hot outside that the only relief was their pool.  Though I didn’t go under water; the end of my hair got wet and when it dried later, my hair did what it does best…curl.  Here’s a look at my Shirley Temple ringlets.  All natural too.  It still amazes me sometimes that I have hair this curly.  I just wish that GothGirl had kept her curls too (her hair started straightening when she was about 4 years old).


It is eerily quiet around my house as Brian and the kids went to Kentucky Lake for a long weekend.  I was supposed to go with them but wanted to stay home to get some more rest and hopefully kick this lung stuff for good.  Though I was really sad to miss out on a trip to my BFF’s cabin with the family, I knew that 5 exhausting days of sun and boating would not have been a big help to my recovery.  Since I can watch whatever I’d like, tonight I rented a chick flick and plan to catch up on my DVR’d shows.  

Now I’ll leave you with a photo of our little snow leopard.


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