22 July 2011

Day 202

Since it was so hot out today, we decided to take advantage of an indoor attraction in nearby St. Louis…..City Museum.  We’d heard great things about this place and GothGirl had been a few times on a summer care field trip, but we had never gone as a family.  My mom had taken the day off so she joined us.  Though it was only mid-morning when we arrived, it was very hot & humid outside.  There is an outdoor play section, which was still in shade, so we decided to hit that part first after paying to get in.  At just $12 a person, I would later realize what a great deal we got for such a fun place.  Rather than explain what City Museum is about, I will instead direct you to their website: http://citymuseum.org/site/.

All photos are SOOC unless otherwise noted.

A view of the building.  They have more things to do on the roof; but because it was so hot and it cost extra, we decided to skip it on this visit.  You can see part of the outdoor play area around the treeline.  It’s in full sun in this photo as I took this shot as we left later in the afternoon.


View of the hanging-off-the-edge-of-the-building-bus from below in the outdoor play area.


All of the metalwork and structures made this place a photographer’s dream….










I’m going to stop with the outdoor photos of City Museum for now and share the indoor photos in the near future when I don’t have any other pictures to show.

After we left the Museum, we headed to The Old Spaghetti Factory down on Laclede’s Landing.  My mom hadn’t been since she and my dad had taken my brother and I when we were kids.  Brian and I went about 15 years ago with his family, but our kids were not born yet so this was their first visit.  I had mom get a shot of us outside.  Note that cool brick street.


It was a wonderful day and we will definitely be making another trip back to City Museum, though preferably in the spring or fall when we can enjoy the outdoor areas without being drenched in sweat.

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