05 July 2011

Day 185

My family arrived home today about the time I got home from work.  I was so excited to see them and they felt the same way.  LilCrockett was the first one to run up to me when I walked in the door.  He kept giving me hugs and kisses and telling me that he missed me.  GothGirl was much more reserved but she kept hanging around for hugs and stuff too.  After helping them finish unloading the car, the kids wanted to swim at the neighbors house.  I made them pose for a picture beforehand since it had been several days since I’d snapped photos of them.


Then I snapped some more photos of them in the pool, including some of LilCrockett swimming without his life jacket.  He learned how to swim a bit last year, but hadn’t yet been able to do much swimming without a life jacket this year.  He did great and will soon be ditching the life jacket for good once he builds up a little endurance.  He was pretty proud of himself.


Here’s one of GothGirl with a genuine smile.  She hardly looks like herself with her glasses now.  Hard to believe she’s only had them a few months.  Her cheeks and forehead are a little mottled due to burnt & peeling skin.  LilCrockett has a bit too, though not as much.


Oh how I missed my kiddos (and Crockett too of course!).

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