08 January 2011

Day 8

A rare moment capturing LilCrockett sitting peacefully on the couch looking at a book.  And that’s not just any book, it’s his Bible.  This despite the fact that there are few pictures and he can only read a handful of sight words.  Seeing him carefully turn those delicate pages is something to see, especially from a boy who is normally very rough and tough.  Sweet moments!

1/20 sec
400 ISO  

1 comment:

  1. I'm not what you'd call a religious person. I've never read much of the Bible - although I was an acolyte in church and went to Sunday School every week. However, I DO remember being a little girl and being fascinated with thumbing through the pages. Maybe it was the thin paper? The strange layout since it didn't look like a normal book? I don't know. Then I got a children's Bible with pictures in it and that was even more fun to look at!



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