10 January 2011

Day 10

LilCrockett has a passion for building things, which is about equal to his love for destroying things.  While at a friend’s house last year, he discovered Legos and I thought it would be great for him to have his own.  Luckily, my neighbor and I ran across some while garage sale-ing last summer as these little buggars are fairly pricey!  We paid about $10 for 2 big bins filled with many different sets.  But since the sets were all intermixed, did not come with building diagrams, were small in size, and were designed for older kids; I wondered if he would be able to play with them without getting frustrated.  It turns out that my little guy is quite good at putting together some awesome Lego concoctions all on his own and he spends a good chunk of time designing them.  He builds them with amazing detail.  What look like random parts to me are actually pieces with a purpose (“this one shoots fire, Mom”).  Pretty neat stuff coming from a not-quite-6-year-old!  Now if only he were as good at picking them up.  Note: I snapped a photo of this work of art before LilCrockett switched to destroy mode.

I do have to confess that this picture was taken on Saturday, rather than today.  I decided to take several different kinds of photos over the weekend so that I would have some natural light available. 
Editing: cropping
1/50 sec
400 ISO  

1 comment:

  1. Legos are pretty much the best toy ever - second only to Barbie!!

    I still have mine. And I'm glad I kept them, just in case I have a little boy - or girl - that wants to play with Legos. I do remember those suckers costing quite a few chunks o' change!



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