17 January 2011

Day 17

It’s Christmas in mid-January.  Actually, my dad and stepmom were not able to make it up on Christmas and we had already purchased some gifts for the kids from them.  Rather than try to figure out what to get all their grandkids, they send us parents money to pick out some things that we know our kids would like.

Anyway, it doesn’t appear as if the kids will get to see their grandparents soon, so we decided to let them open the gifts.  LilCrockett hasn’t been featured here lately, so I figured I would use his picture for the day.  Besides, most of the other photos I took of both kids were slightly blurry.  I definitely needed to get my shutter speed up with the action of opening gifts.  This one of Seth turned out OK because he was actually holding still in a pose.  Too bad I have more hindsight than foresight!   I guess that’s part of the learning process and the point of this blog….getting to know my camera inside and out.

Editing: cropping, slight adjustments in RAW, pioneer woman Boost action
1/80 sec
400 ISO

1 comment:

  1. What an adorable little boy you created!! Those eyes are just too sweet!



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