18 January 2011

Day 18

I’m cheating a bit as this photo was taken yesterday.  Tonight was just too hectic.  Came home from work and heated up some leftovers for dinner before we had to run up to the school.  GothGirl participated in the TeamQuest academic challenge in November.  Our school actually sent four 4th grade teams and all four teams ended up qualifying for Regionals.  So tonight the School Board wanted to recognize the students for their accomplishments.  Now we cross our fingers that some of the teams end up qualifying for the State Finals.  I did take some photos at the meeting tonight, but there are other kids in the photos and I don’t want to put their faces on my blog without permission.

After we wrapped up at the school, we headed to a friends’ house to look at some furniture she has for sale.  We are in need of different furniture for our basement as the fabric on ours is ripped on every couch and chair cushion as well as on the top of the ottoman because the fabric is so thin.  We don’t want to purchase new furniture as the kids are still young and fairly hard on furnishings.  The set we looked at tonight has a denim fabric that’s totally removable so you can wash it.  Sounds very kid-friendly to me!

Anyway, back to the photo.  GothGirl and LilCrockett set up a fort in the living room yesterday using a blanket stretched from chair to couch to chair.  Then they climbed underneath along with the portable DVD player and some photo albums.  I love that I captured them snuggled in their little fort and that they were actually getting along (which is not always the case!).  I used The Pioneer Woman’s Boost action to enrich the colors and then the Quick Edge Burn action to mute some of the clutter at the edge of the photo so as to bring the photo on the kids’ faces.     

Editing: cropping, pioneer woman boost & quick edge burn actions
1/30 sec
400 ISO

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  1. Oh boy! I love the overall tone of this one. This might be my favorite picture yet!!



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