28 September 2011

Day 271

Tonight I’m going to share some recent photos of Felix.  These photos were taken a few days ago.  He does such cute stuff that we marvel over him constantly.

Silly cat is wearing his new collar of shame.  I call it that because he has been collar-free for several weeks after we realized that he wasn’t trying to sneak out the door.  Well fast forward to Sunday and he snuck out into our attached garage several times in one night.  Luckily the overhead garage door was shut so he was still contained.  We cornered him each time and threw him back in the house, but then he just sat there and meowed incessantly (he is part Siamese after all, and they are very vocal).  Crockett decided to try to scare him from wanting to go outside.  He went out into the garage armed with a squirt bottle and then left the door cracked behind him.  Soon after, Felix wandered over and pawed the door open, so Crockett squirted him.  After the 2nd time doing this, he quit whining to go outside.  However, we are not convinced that he is over this temptation yet, so he has to wear a collar again so that he has an ID tag if he manages to sneak outside and get lost.  Thus, I call it the collar of shame.  I have threatened him with the cone of shame if he sneaks out again but since he’s a cat, I’m sure he doesn’t understand!



Over the weekend, I brought up a tub of clean towels and set them on the island in the kitchen for a bit.  Well Felix found that tub before I could take it down the hallway and he decided that it would make a pretty comfy bed.  I came into the room and he was all curled up and cozy.  I didn’t have the heart to move him (plus it was a good excuse not to have to put away the towels!).  Note that these were taken pre-collar!



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