06 September 2011

Day 249

LilCrockett’s class was assigned a family project and it was due today.  Each kid received an enlarged paper doll with a picture of their face.  The doll was to be decorated to resemble their desired career choice.  LilCrockett wants to be a policeman, so we got to work with all my papercrafting supplies.  Here’s the finished product…too bad you can’t see some of the detail (a 3-D bill on the hat, embossed silver badges, etc.).


Our last cat, Kenai, had a habit of sleeping up on the cable box near the TV.  Today we caught our new cat, Felix, lounging on the TV stand.  It’s the first time he’s ever gotten up there.  I think he likely would have found the warm cable box too, but there was something sitting on top of the box preventing that.


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