04 September 2011

Day 247

Crockett decided to make a peach pie today and the kids wanted to help.  With a pre-made pie crust and frozen peaches, it was pretty simple. 

Getting the pie filling ready…


Beating the egg yolks to brush on the top of the crust…


The finished product….it tasted as good as it looked too!


That afternoon, our neighbors had a birthday party for the wife and two daughters, whose birthdays occur just a few days apart.  We went over for a bit but then had to leave to go to LilCrockett’s baseball game. 

Each game, he gets better and better.  Today he scored his first double and he got 3 guys out.  Here are photos of two of those outs.  LilCrockett catch the ball as the opposing team member is running to his base.  OUT!!  Way to go, buddy!



Crockett got this photo of LilCrockett with his head coach.  No, they weren’t holding up the game…..they were waiting for the catcher to get his protective gear on.  I can’t say enough good things about Coach Long.  He is so patient and motivating and the kids have learned so much under his tutelage.


LilCrockett trying to slide into 2nd base, but they got him out….


Running into home plate to complete his run…


Team huddle (with a few siblings too) after the game….


Happily I was able to get a photo of GothGirl today.  She has become such a camera-avoider lately.  I’m not sure why either as she’s a gorgeous girl.  Anyway, I love this photo even though I did get a bit of glare on her glasses and Flickr/Blogger are not capturing the color correctly.  I think I like this photo the best because she has a real smile rather than that pseudo, posed smile that she normally sports in photos.

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