08 September 2011

Day 251

This morning as GothGirl went outside to wait for the bus, she noticed a little frog resting on the brick ledge on the side of our house.  At first she thought it was part of a wasp’s nest but she soon discovered otherwise.  He was so still that we thought he was dead.  Happily he was not. 

Here he is on the ledge just as she found him…


Down on the sidewalk after the kids had picked him up and let him go…he blends in pretty well.


Then this afternoon, the elementary school hosted an Open House/ice cream social.  We ate ice cream sundaes with the kids’ fellow classmates & their parents…




Then we got to go inside to meet LilCrockett’s 1st grade teacher, Ms. Leinberger (darn, it turned out blurry….stupid Rebel camera!)…


and he showed us around his classrooom…



We even got to meet Penelope the Praying Mantis (she’s hanging upside-down in the cage so you can’t see her in the photo).


Afterwards, he showed us the other rooms in the school that he visits at various times in the week.  I enjoyed it because I got to see a lot of GothGirl’s past teachers as well as parents that I know.  By the way, today was picture day at the elementary school so you are seeing LilCrockett’s outfit.  I failed to take one at home before he left for school.

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