16 September 2011

Day 259

LilCrockett had a baseball game after school today and the neighbor girls wanted to tag along to watch.  Here they are with GothGirl.


Here are a few shots of LilCrockett (red hat & red cleats) before my camera batteries died.



After the baseball game, the 3 girls and I went home to use the restroom, grab some warmer clothes, and make some hot chocolate before heading to the local college to watch my cousin’s daughter play soccer.  I figured the lighting would be poor since it was after dark, so I didn’t bother to grab my extra camera battery.  To my dismay, they had huge stadium lights on when we arrived and there would have been more than adequate lighting.  Rats!  I got a few photos on my iPhone instead.

Here are the girls at the beginning of the game…


And here they are towards the end of the game, all bundled up against the cold…


I couldn’t get a good shot of the game itself with my phone because the action was too far away and everyone was moving too quickly, but this shot does show how bright the lights were in the stadium…


I wanted to get a photo of them with the Prairie All Stars mascot, Cozmo, after the game but we were too slow and he was already heading inside for the night when we got near him.

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