11 September 2011

Day 254

We spent the morning watching some of the TV tributes to 9/11.  It was sad and LilCrockett kept asking why were were all crying, so we turned it off.  After that, my mom helped me clean the house.  So great how much more you can get done in a short amount of time when you have someone helping.  Too bad she can’t move in with us permanently!

This afternoon, I dropped GothGirl off at her friend Jade’s birthday party and then went to watch LilCrockett’s baseball game for 45 minutes until I had to go back to get her.  The party was at a dance studio and the kids were being taught part of a hiphop dance.  The parents were invited to watch them perform at the end of the party.  Here they are in action.  The lights were VERY dim in the room and I have my Rebel, which doesn’t do as well in low light as my 7D, so I had to use my automatic settings and the flash (which I NEVER do).  GothGirl is in back in the dark purple shirt. 



After the dance routine, which was only about a minute long, we went up front for cake.  The birthday girl’s grandmother used to own a specialty cake store, so the cake looked amazing!  I wasn’t going to have a piece, but once I heard who made it, I decided to try a piece.  It was so delicious. 


While we ate cake, Jade opened her presents.  Then her mom called everyone back for a group picture.  I don’t know the ages of all the kids, but the 3 girls in the center of the back row as well as the girl on the left in the purple shirt are all in the same grade.  You can see how tall GothGirl is compared to them, with the exception of her friend on her immediate left.  I think she will be like me though.  I grew well before everyone else and was one of the tallest in my class, but then I stopped growing and everyone passed me by. 


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