24 September 2011

Day 267

It’s sort of a sad day around here.  Today is LilCrockett’s last baseball game for the fall season.  In fact, it was a double-header and the games were played at 2 different parks so we had to hustle to get from Game 1 to Game 2.  Happily our neighbors came out for the final game, but the team has definitely played better.  The main coach was out of town so perhaps that was enough to make things a little off-kilter. 

Shots from Game 1:




Shots from Game 2:




Sadly I failed to get photos of the neighbors at the 2nd game.  I think I was a little game weary.  We are so glad they joined us though.

I still need to take some more test shots, but I think my autofocus is working much better.  Yay!

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