15 September 2011

Day 258

GothGirl’s school hosted their Open House tonight, so we went to meet her teachers and stuff.  After arriving, she took us to her locker first.  This is the same locker that she gets complimented on by other students and teachers due to the coordinating locker accessories and neatness.  Sadly I forgot my camera at home in our haste to get out the door, so these photos were taken with my iPhone.


Next we visited her classrooms.  Here she is showing off one of her projects….


And here’s one of the class art projects for which she did most of the designing and drawing.  Each class had to make a giant “poster” like this using the Book Fair’s “We Read, We Rock!” theme. 


It was a fun night and we enjoyed seeing many of the other kids and parents with whom we were acquainted, though there were so many more families that we had never seen before since this is GothGirl’s first year at the Middle School.

Later that night after the kids were in bed, Crockett and I were watching a movie when Felix decided to check out the screen.  He proceeded to sit down in front of it and bat at the moving figures.  Crazy cat!  We had to move him down several times so that we could see the screen.


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