07 September 2011

Day 250

Today GothGirl had a tooth pulled in preparation for braces.  Her left upper jaw is out of alignment with the lower jaw, so they are going to bring some teeth forward to make it a perfect fit.  The poor thing was fairly nervous, but handled it really well.  She opted to have the laughing gas instead of IV sedation and I was surprised because she is a big wimp….her pain tolerance is really low.  I thought she’d want to be completely put out.  Luckily her oral surgeon was extremely good with kids.  We had a pre-consultation and he explained everything that he was going to do and told GothGirl all of her options.  Had this not happened, I think her nerves would have been overwhelming.

They gave her the laughing gas.  Before long, she started giggling up a storm.  GothGirl is a natural giggler anyway, so it was really exaggerated with the gas.  She had me laughing as well until she had to open her mouth for them to start working .  About 10 minutes later, they were done and the tooth was out.  We went into a recovery room and watched a short video, paid, and then stopped at Sam’s for a milkshake.  We got home and her tooth was starting to hurt, so I gave her some Advil and put in a movie for her.  Felix curled up in her lap and they spend most of the morning relaxing.  By late afternoon, she was feeling fine and even wanted solid foods for dinner.  So glad she came through it OK.  In two weeks, she will get her spacers (which create space for the braces) and then a week later, she will get her braces.  She is very excited.  I’m pretty sure she’ll be tired of them before too long though.   


The photo above was the last one I took with my 7D before sending it off for servicing.  I’m pretty sure there is an issue with the autofocus and I wanted to get it fixed before my warranty expires.  I’ve been doing a lot of research and apparently this is a common problem on this model.  The crazy thing was that it was so hard to send off.  It’s insured so I’m not worried about breakage or anything, but it just didn’t feel right to send it off.  Almost as if I was missing it already. 

With the 7D gone, I am back to using my Rebel xTi.  Compared to the 7D, the Rebel seems like a Cracker Jack toy as it’s nowhere near the quality of camera as the 7.  Though I must admit that I prefer the lighter weight of the Rebel….wow, what a difference!  It took me a bit to get used to the buttons and controls on the Rebel.  I remember that when I got the 7D, it seems so foreign and I could barely figure out how to take a photo.  Now, I kinda feel the same way about the Rebel.  Fortunately it’s a much simpler camera, so it was easy to get back in the groove.  I’m still counting down the days until my 7D returns though.

This afternoon, we promised LilCrockett a fun activity if he did his reading homework without complaining.  He is a little behind most of his classmates, so he started in a special reading group this week to give him some extra help.  We also have to work with him every night.  Such a different scenario than with GothGirl….she was in the advanced reading group at his age.  I can already tell that school is not going to come quite as easy for LilCrockett as it did for her, which is also going to mean more work for us.  I don’t mind the extra work, but I just don’t feel like I have good teaching skills (or patience).  Cross your fingers for all of us!  Anyway, after he got his work done we went to the local park to fly his new kite.  Actually, once we got there and opened the box, it turned out to be a glider not a kite.  We had just assumed it was a kite because it had been given to him as a present along with some kite string.  Oh well.  We had fun with it anyway, though it was a bit too windy for a glider.



Before long, LilCrockett got bored with the diving glider and opted to head to the playground for a bit.  Ignore the mismatched, layered clothes….LilCrockett dressed himself today! 




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