09 September 2011

Day 252

Today was picture day at the middle school, so GothGirl got up early to straighten her hair.  She looked so pretty that I had to get a picture and happily, she gave me a genuine smile.  It was raining, so we were stuck inside, but it turned out pretty good anyway.  Ah, I just love this girl….she’s a beauty, both inside and out!


After the kids left for school, Felix was curled up on Crockett’s lap.  Before long, he got in his favorite position (on his back) and proceeded to attack his own tail.  So cute!


Today was my Friday off, so I spent some time in the morning scrapbooking before I had to do some errands.  Afterwards, I treated myself to my favorite lunch….a chicken bowl at Chipotle’s.  I brought it home and ate it while reading a great book (Girl in Translation).  Talk about bliss!  Good, healthy food and reading.


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