20 October 2011

Day 293

Mia’s class performed a musical today in front of class parents and the rest of the 5th grade classes.  It was called “Rats” and was based on The Pied Piper.  Here are the kids doing a musical number.  Mia is front center stage in gray.


Mia was Narrator 1 in the script and as such, she had the most lines.  She barely spent any time at home practicing her lines, so I was leery about how well she would do; but she kept assuring me that she was ready.  She did a fabulous job and looked really calm up on stage, even though she told me she was nervous that morning. By contrast, Narrator 2 (standing next to her in the photo below looked super nervous….he had that deer-in-headlights look and spoke in monotone).  After the play, I told her what a great job she did and that she looked like a natural.  Mia sassily replied, “Mother, I was born to be on stage!”.  LOL.  Actually I thought the kids did a great job all around and it was really fun to watch.  There were a few hiccups (forgotten lines & lyrics, incorrect stage locations, prop malfunctions, etc.) but those just made us parents giggle!


End of finale number!


After the show….with cast mates and her music teacher.



Mia and one of her BFF’s, Jordan.


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