04 October 2011

Day 277

We recently started getting the Food Network magazine after getting an offer for a subscription at an unbelievable discount.  The magazine is fantastic.  Nearly every page features a mouth-water photo and accompanying recipe.  Crockett had been eyeing the cover recipe ever since it came in the mail, so tonight he fixed it while I helped LilCrockett with homework.  We both thought it was pretty bland.  So we added in some chicken base and some bacon (chopped fairly fine so you can barely see it in the photo).  Turns out that was exactly what the recipe needed as it was fantastic.  We added some garlic/herb croutons upon serving.  Yum!


Now, here’s a little cooking tip:

When your recipe calls for broth or bouillon, use soup base instead….the flavor is so much richer.  The base comes in a thick paste and mixes easily into soups, stews, casseroles, etc.  We buy Tone’s brand soup base at Sam’s Club in both their chicken & beef flavors and keep some on hand year-round.  They store easily in the fridge.  That’s your Cooking 411 for the day!

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