01 October 2011

Day 274

During the first Saturday of most every month, Crockett’s gun club hosts a youth shoot where the kids come out and shoot various types of guns.  The club provides the guns, ammunition, and lunch afterwards for free….even to non-members.  Crockett usually goes out to help because he enjoys teaching kids about guns and he would rather put in his mandatory work hours doing something fun like this rather than mowing.  Anyway the kids are usually an older crowd….typically teenagers; but since today was the first morning of deer season, most of them were gone and it was a younger crowd.  So Crockett had me bring our kids out to shoot.  Rather than lug around my big camera, I brought along our new point-and-shoot camera to test it out.  I think it did pretty well considering it was mid-day in bright sun.









After lunch, we went down to the lower gun range at the club and watched some IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) pistol shooters getting ready for their match tomorrow.  These shooters shoot at multiple targets (including moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, and partially covered targets, etc.).  You might think of it as action shooting and it’s similar to how you would imagine policemen to train.  It’s actually quite fun to watch.  There were a lot of people standing around so it was hard to get some great shots. 





Later this afternoon, I was prepping some stuff to list on eBay and Felix had to be close by.  My activities were not very exciting so he quickly fell sound asleep.  My gosh, can this cat get any cuter?!!



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