08 October 2011

Day 281

My mom’s campground was hosting their fall festival, called Oaks-toberfest because the name of the campground is Wild Oaks.  We attended last year’s celebration so we knew good things were in store.  Though it was a bit scaled back this year, they still had a variety of fun kids’ activities.

Bobbing for apples - Mason was the first one to successfully get one.  Then all the other kids had to try it again until they got one.  There were no stems on the apples, so they had to push the apples to the bottom in order to bite into it.  Even Mia got one, despite her braces.




Bingo - Using candy corn as bingo markers.


Mummy Wrap & Race - The kids were paired up.  One had to wrap the other one with toilet paper and then run across the yard to the finish line.  Seth and Merrik were on 2 different teams and were neck and neck at the end so they called it a draw. Seth was pretty excited about his prize (Halloween gummy candy).





Pumpkin carving contest – The kids carved pumpkins during the day and they judged them in several categories later that night. 



This one was designed by Mia and her oldest cousin Mason.  It says Oakstoberfest and has a coffin on the side.  They won for Most Creative Pumpkin.


This kitten one was designed by the youngest cousin, Merran.  It said “mew” in back, though I think she meant “meow”.  Sadly, hers didn’t win.


This pirate was designed by Seth and his cousin Merrik.  They won for Most Unique pumpkin.


The night ended with a campground fish fry and then bingo and poker for the adults (while the kids played on the playground).  Fun!

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