06 October 2011

Day 279

Tonight was LilCrockett’s first night of basketball practice.  He’s playing on a different league this year.  His baseball coach is now his basketball coach and most of his teammates were his baseball teammates as well.  The coach was only planning to form one team, but so many kids were interested in playing that he didn’t have the heart to turn them down.  So he decided to make 2 teams.  Here are a few photos from tonight’s practice.  I’m still working on finding the best settings for the gym.  It’s a bit tricky finding a bright enough exposure without getting blur with the kids’ motion.  Notice in the bottom photo how LilCrockett is lifting his leg up to one side when he shoots.  It’s a common thing for him so I think we need to work on his form.  He is a bit taller than last winter, but it still takes a lot of power to get the ball up to the net at this age despite the lowered nets.



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